"Standing on the Bridge Between Heaven & Earth"

Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei

The Aikido Spirit

I have been studying the art of Aikido for nearly 20 years. Aikido is taught and practiced in many different martial forms, from a very effective physical self-defence format, to more of a spiritual self expression. O'Sensei often called Aikido, "The loving protection of all beings."

Early on in my study of Aikido, I came across Terry Dobson's "True Story." If you are not familiar with this story, it is available under the tab "Foundations." From my first reading of this amazing story, my desire has been to learn to express myself the way that the "old man" was able to in the story. I truely believe this to be the purest form of Aikido. My practice and teaching have turned more and more toward Aikido as spiritual practice, and as an expression of, what I see as the "true self" or "spirit", such as the old man so beautifully represents and demonstrates. I have come to an understanding, within myself, that the "I" that is spirit contains all the necessary ingredients to bring any conflict to a harmonious conclusion, which has always been the expressed goal in most Aikido dojos. These type of actions require us to forgo the needs of the ego, and its need to defend against any percieved slight, and turn it into a physical altercation.

"True victory is victory over self."

Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei