Introduction to Aikido Classes

Friday July 9th / Saturday July 10th

or Friday July 23rd / Saturday July 24th

Friday’s 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Saturday’s 10:30 to Noon

What is Aikido?

All Martial Arts will tell you that they are about ending an attack, yet all will teach you to attack back. In Aikido we know that any attack leaves an opening and leaves an attacker vulnerable.

In Aikido we learn not to be passive or aggressive, yet be decisive in our actions, and move within the flow of energy of the situation, as it is.

Through Aikido we learn to connect our Ki (life force energy) with an adversaries Ki, and to bring the interaction to a harmonious conclusion.

The word Aikido in Japanese Breaks down to mean: Ai: is love or harmony: Ki: is The energy that life is: Do is the path.

To attend any session(s) please leave a message at the number below:

Location: 111 E. Alma, Mount Shasta

message phone: voice or text, 530-859-2682